New stuff

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I’m now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Tampere, based in Helsinki with the Citizens in the Making research group. I still mostly work on political debates online, particularly populist argumentation. I regularly visit Florence, Italy; particularly the European University Institute and the COSMOS Centre on Social Movements Studies.

As for publications, we recently uploaded a preprint to SocArXiv titled “Topic Modeling as a Method for Frame Analysis: Data Mining the Climate Change Debate in India and the USA.

Also, a version of that paper was just published in Politiikka (PDF, in Finnish).

In the works: a chapter on the Finns Party and social media for a book that’s coming out in English, on the Finns Party, on ECPR Press. Also, we’re working on an article on how right-wing populist alternative online media in Finland talk about immigration, how their vocabulary differs from that of mainstream media, and how politicians adopt their vocabulary.

Future plans: I’m working on a funding application about political polarization. Let’s see how that pans out.

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